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Ways to Give

Check out these 5 ways you can give your tithes and offerings at Essex Gospel.


E-transfers are set up from your credit union or bank online account. E-transfers need to be sent to the church donations account which is  You will need to provide a password for security purposes, and you can use the memo section to designate your giving (General, Missions, Special) and please note your church envelope number.  Once the donation is accepted by church staff, you should get this email notice:

Hi ______________ insert your name,

The money transfer you sent to Essex Gospel Community Church for the amount of $__________ (CAD) was accepted.

If you don’t get the notice that the donation was received by EGCC within a couple of days of you sending the e-transfer, please call the office immediately.  If the message you receive indicates that someone other than EGCC accepted the donation, please call the office immediately.

Credit Union Payee

You can now select EGCC as a payee on your online bill payment account just like you would with ELK, BELL, your taxes, Reliance, credit card.

Right now, we only have this option for Credit Unions in the area - WFCU and Libro. 

There is no memo line and you will only be able to donate to the General Fund. If you wish to donate for other items – Missions, special etc., you would need to do that at the church with an envelope. For these credit union donations, your church envelope number is the account number to be used. 


PAR (pre-authorized remittance) is an automatic monthly debit from the individuals’ bank accounts.  This can be set-up to have your tithe debited from your account and sent to Essex Gospel.


  • PAR authorization form, filled out and signed
  • Void cheque

Debits are drawn on your account on the 1st and/or 15th of the month, depending on your choice, and the church account is credited the same day.

Submit the form with the void cheque and your box of tithe envelopes to the church office and we will do the rest.

For all who are interested, please contact the church office for your PAR form.