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Simpson Memorial Scholarship

About the Simpson Memorial Scholarship

*Note: If the student's eligibility for the scholarship changes significantly at any point during the selection of the scholarship or after having awarded the scholarship, the Pearl Simpson Scholarship Committee reserves the right to redistribute the scholarship in its entirety or in part to another eligible candidate. Such changes in eligibility may consist of, but are not limited to, changes in the student's selected college/university or withdrawing from post-secondary education prior to the completion of a complete semester with refund of fees from the school.

About the Simpson Memorial Scholarship

Who was Pearl Simpson?

Pearl Simpson was a lifelong resident of Essex County and a faithful member of Essex Gospel Community Church (EGCC). She passed away in 2005 and as a legacy of her commitment to EGCC and to the community of Essex County, she donated her entire estate to the work that EGCC does within the community of Essex. Her estate, which is now being managed by the leadership of EGCC as the "Legacy Fund", is being used to enable ministry endeavours within the community of Essex County that were not once possible

What is Essex Gospel Community Church?

EGCC has operated as a church in the town of Essex for over 90 years and is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (charter 1919). Over the years EGCC has undergone many transitions including membership, physical location, and leadership. The current leadership of EGCC has settled on a vision statement indicating that EGCC will "actively respond to the spiritual and social needs of the region." The leadership of EGCC has identified the difficulty associated with rising post-secondary education costs faced by students in our region. This knowledge, coupled with the vision statement and the finances available from the Legacy Fund, has led EGCC to offer scholarships to graduating students from Essex District High School and Western Secondary School who will be pursuing post-secondary education.

Who is eligible for these scholarships?

  • Students that demonstrate active volunteerism within the community of Essex County.
  • Students that demonstrate a good understanding of importance of volunteerism within the community and society at large.
  • Students who plan to continue with a post-secondary program of study in the fall.
  • Preference will be given to those students who will be studying within the Windsor-Essex geographical area.

When are the applications due?

Applications must be submitted online by Monday, June 15th. No later than 3:00 pm.

Who makes the selection?

A selection committee comprised of members of EGCC will review the applications and then together determine the student who in their estimation best exemplifies the qualities that are set forth by the scholarship fund.

The selection committee will consider the following in their decision making:

  • 25% will be base on the number of hours of volunteer time completed.
  • 25% will be based on the reference letters received.
  • 25% will be based on the quality of the application and the clarity of the thoughts.
  • 25% will be based on the location of study in the following order or priority: Essex County, province of Ontario, country of Canada, international.

When will you find out who receives the scholarships?

Essex Gospel Community Church will notify the school of the scholarship winners prior to graduation. The scholarships will be presented upon graduation.

When will the scholarship monies be received?

In the case of Essex District High School: The scholarship monies will be paid directly to the college/university of the student's choice. It will be the responsibility of the student to provide accurate schooling information to Essex Gospel Community Church before their graduation.

In the case of Western Secondary School: The scholarship monies will be given from Essex Gospel Community Church to the school. You may access the funds from the Student Services department of your school.