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Board Nominations

Please use the form below to nominate 1-3 names for the role of Director in 2021

Nomination Ballot

Please select one, two, or three of the names from the list below of potential nominees for the role of director. 


Please remember, only ONE ballot per member is allowed. Ballots can be submitted either online or on a ballot slip. In the event we receive two ballots from the same person, only the paper ballot will be considered by the nomination committee.


Please remember, our local church constitution requests that you submit your nomination in secret, without informing those whom you nominate (section 3.05b).

The deadline for nomination is Sunday, February 14th, 2021

In accordance with our local Church Constitution and General Operating By-Laws, nominees must be a member of Essex Gospel Community Church for at least three years, not closely related to current Directors, and not considered a shut-in in order to be eligible for nomination. Members who do not meet this requirement have been removed from the nomination list below.

The current board of directors has been in a freeze since the pandemic changed how we meet together in March 2020. This means all current members were extended by one year making the following three directors are in the middle of their regular two-year term of office and they will automatically remain on the board for an additional year. As per our local church constitution, this means that they or their spouses are not eligible for nomination and have been removed from the nomination list.

Betty Green, Chris Barris, Len Filiault

Thank you for exercising your membership responsibilities at EGCC!